A Slice of Colour in the Heart of Asia Square

2 August 2019


Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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Cafe & Art Gallery
3,003 sqft

The brief from the owners was to create an inviting space where not only the young would love to hang out but also a place where the working adults can retreat to in the day. Taking all of that into account, the team at Baum Project has created a space that evokes serenity in a rather fast pace environment.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Blue Accents

The colour blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness which matches the vibe of the space. Thus, the design of the place worked around the colour blue and gold accents through the unique hanging menu and customized lights.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Pastel Furniture

Customized furniture flown all the way from Korea to spice up the space. It offers a good range of seating configurations and a range of colours to complement the space.

The Art Gallery

The art gallery, on the other hand, boasts of a cement screed flooring and a black and white ceiling to bring in an industrial vibe while the furniture on the other hand helps to merge the design flow from the café outside.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article
Baum Projects Inspirations Article

It’s All in the Details

To create an interesting space, the team at Baum Project played around with trimmings and shapes. For the walls, trimming of the same colour was utilized. As for the counters, multiple levels and irregularity were engaged to create a quirky and distinctive space.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Unfinished Finished Details

To be in line with the industrial vibe of the place, jagged, uneven, concrete-like edges for an opening that seems unfinished but in actuality is finished to be in line with the design concept.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

When You Can’t Buy It, Make It

During the design process, the team at Baum Project wanted a lighting that was not in the market, thus we designed the lighting from scratch specially for this project.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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