A BTO Nest in Nature

8 August 2019


Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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4 Room, HDB BTO Flat
842 sqft

Coming home to this HDB flat is like frolicking in nature it’s bright, peaceful, and inviting. The homeowner’s need for a place of refuge after a long day from work dictated this contemporary zen style with bright colours and spacious living areas.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

All in the Materials

For a nature-inspired home that is spacious and welcoming, wood tones were engaged to imbue warmth and enhance various design details. White is used as the primary colour for the home to seem bigger than it is. Different hues of grey were also used as a secondary colour which also complements the pebbles in the house too.


A one of a kind wood table top was selected together with the owner. After choosing the top, the real challenge began turning it into an island dining table duo. Thus, we designed half the table to be used as an island table and half to be used as dining for the family.

Smart Configuration

An issue that most Singaporeans have with a BTO flat is space. To counter this the boundary walls of the kitchen were demolished to allow an open concept kitchen with the grey dividers acting as a partition.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Playing with Levels

We also played with the levels of the cabinets. The main entrance has two full height cabinets to represent the main entrance area while the low cabinet signals the start of the living area. The use of levels helps to effectively break up spaces in the house without the need for walls. To create an interesting and unique space while incorporating the nature theme, pebbles with built-in spotlights were used under the shoe cabinet.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Folding Door

The walls of the room beside the living room were taken down and replaced with folding doors, This design assists in the option of the room being a
part of the living area should more space be required. Should the family expand, there is an option to close the folding door for privacy.


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