A Timeline Journey of your Renovation Process

11 October 2019


Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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Renovation Process

Understanding the renovating process it takes for your home is essential to enable you to make an informed choice and effectively plan your renovation schedule. We will be starting on a new series where we provide insider information on the process of renovating your home. Tips and tricks will be freely shared with our readers in hopes that they will not go into their renovation blindly but knowing full well what to look for.  In this newsletter, we will be looking solely at the timeline of the renovation process when engaging with an interior design firm. Read on to find out more!

Design by Baum Project

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Step 1: Consultation

Meeting up with the designer, providing your floor plan, your requirements, and preferred design style. Basically, a get-together session for the designer to know you better. This can be done in their office or a site visit.

Step 2: Space Planning and Design Proposal

After the consultation, the team will begin the design process. At the design meeting, basic drawings and 2D drawings will be done to showcase the design to you. A quote based on the design will be provided as well for you to make a better decision.

Design by Baum Project

Step 3: Confirmation of Contract

Once both parties have come to an agreement on the quote, design, and renovation requirements, an agreement is signed and a deposit is made for the renovation to start. At this point, all basic drawings and design proposal can be sent to the client.

Choosing your preferred design is key in any renovation process

Design by Baum Project

Step 4: Material Selection

Choosing your preferred design is key in any renovation process, however, choosing the right materials to achieve the design is definitely the most consequential. You can expect your designer to propose materials to you in addition to shopping trips with your designer.

Step 5: Provision of 3D Drawing

3D drawings will be provided incorporating the materials that were chosen during the selection period. The drawings will help you visualize your future home and manage your expectations. Changes can be made should you be dissatisfied after seeing the 3D views.

Design by Baum Project

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Step 6: Renovation Process

The team will apply for relevant permits and seek approval from the relevant authorities to start the renovation process. During the renovation process, updates will be given to you and some site visits will be done together with you to gather your opinion on the progress.

Step 7: Handover Process

Once the renovation is done, a thorough clean-up will take place to ensure it is ready for your move. The designer will handover the place to you. After the move, you can still contact the designer for rectifications and modifications if necessary!

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Design by Baum Project


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