Going Beyond the Job

15 November 2019


Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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Beyond the Office

In Baum Project, work is important and we pride ourselves in delivering excellent interiors to satisfied clients. However, what is of most importance to us is to be a blessing to the society around us. We value being able to contribute and give back to the world in whatever ways we can. Starting out this newsletter series is one way we are doing to bless our readers with essential information about home design and renovation. In this newsletter, we share about the recent mentoring talk our Managing Director took part in organized by Korean Association in Singapore! Grab a coffee and read on!

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Mentoring the Young

On 6 November 2019, Korean Association in Singapore held a mentoring program for Korean youths in Singapore. One of the speakers invited was our very own Katherine Choo who is recognized for her contribution to the architecture industry. This mentoring program is to allow youths to gain insights and to learn from established leaders in different industries. Other than Katherine Choo, two other CEOs who are recognized in the trade and food industry were invited as well. An
online article was written about it in Dong Po News a Korean news agency that reports on Koreans living overseas and their achievements. It is published all over the world to keep the Korean community connected.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Leaving a Legacy

During the talk, she spoke frankly about her struggles about not only moving to Singapore but also opening a business in Singapore as a foreigner. As the only woman speaker, she was an inspiration to the other young ladies when she took them on a journey of her experience of working in a male-dominated industry. She ended her talk by encouraging the youths to not give up in the face of struggle. She advised them to be patient and continue to press on until they see the results they desire. Trusting the process and having a spirit of excellence are key in today’s world.

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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