Design Highlight: Your Office Pantry

23 October 2020


Baum Projects Inspirations Article

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Design Highlight
Office Pantry

Your office pantry does not have to be boring and hidden away. It can actually be a design highlight in your space when done the right way. We believe in creating a sleek, modern, and unique pantry area that not only is practical but gorgeous! Looking to create a modern and inspiring office that is worthy to show off to your clients and guests? Read on! In this newsletter, we take our readers through our thought process and the different ways you can create a jaw-dropping pantry!

3D View

One of the main ways we help a client to understand how their pantry will look like is through 3D visualization of the pantry we aim to create. This will help them visualize the design in mind and how the different materials and colours come together. We aim to keep the design fun and creative. In this office, we decided to make use of the amazing window view the pantry has for a cool frame table concept!

3D View 3 – Pantry View Option 1

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Creative Pantry

The above image is how the pantry turned out from the first visualization showed. Here at Baum Project, we aim to always live up or be even better than the visualization. We want to step out of cookie-cutter designs and present something different and unique in each project. A pantry might be overlooked but it is not the case with us!

Baum Projects Inspirations Article

Classic But With A Twist

Usually, most offices would like a pantry with storage and an opening in the middle for the sink. Here at Baum Project, we pride ourselves on spicing up something that is classic into something creative. We also offer multiple options so that you can be able to choose what is most suited to your company’s identity. In this pantry cabinet, they opted for a classic pantry but we spiced it up with a cement-like top and backsplash giving off a modern and sleek vibe. When you think of your next pantry design, dish aside from the common notions of it and look to the design future!

Baum Projects Inspirations Article
Design-Highlight Your Office Pantry

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