Archi Homes: Interior & Exterior

21 January 2021


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Baum Homes

So far in our newsletters, we have spoken about residential designs in condos and HDBs. However, we are also very well versed in designing different types of landed homes. We have done a variety of spaces from just designing the interior to designing both the architecture and interior. In this home, we were tasked to design both the exterior and interior. This type of project excites us the most as the liberties are all ours (of course with approval from the client) to go eccentric with our designs especially the architecture! Read on! In this newsletter, we take our readers through our adventure of designing this home!


This home has two lateral volumes and we designed both levels and the space planning. Space planning in a home is the most essential step. Only after that step, then the design can start trickling in. We constructed the layout based on a concept in mind Concrete Jungle. We knew from the get-go that we wanted to incorporate plants and sunlight into the interior. Therefore we tailored the layout based on the owner’s requirements and our design concept. From the layouts above you can see that we integrated nature into the home.

Layouts designed by Baum Project

Playing with Angles

Baum Project believes in designing homes that are unique and tailored specially to the individual. For this home, we decided to play with angles. Instead of employing ordinary squares and rectangles for the exterior, we manipulated the shape and form using both wood cladding and glass. Through the manipulation, we created a distinctive look for the front and side façade. This novel design not only allows sunlight to penetrate through the glass into the interior but visually looks enticing and spectacular from all angles of the house. It is all about angles angles angles.

Top image by Pinterest, Façade views designed by Baum Project

Indoor Nature

Singapore is coined as a concrete jungle so why not also reflect that in your home? The world is your oyster when designing your home, so we suggest considering having an open roof for a specific part of the house. This not only allows ample sunlight to seep in but to also enjoy the sky. In addition, plant some trees that go all the way up with glass as a separation, and the juxtaposition between nature and home will be an aesthetic and fantastic one!

Top images by Pinterest, Elevations designed by Baum Project


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