Bathrooms (Greenwood)

01 July 2022


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Being one of the most frequently used rooms in our home, many of us would want to own a large, spacious bathroom so that we spend our time there in comfort. Not everyone can afford that luxury of space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your existing space look bigger than it is!
In this newsletter, we’ll give you the scoop on how to optimize your bathroom space while bringing you through some of our bathroom designs in our recently completed project at Greenwood Place!

Designed and Executed by Baum Project

#01 Matchy-Matchy

Sharp contrasts between colours and dividing lines disrupt the visual flow of your bathroom, making it appear smaller. Hence, it is best to avoid having them in your design.

An easy way to do this is to match the colour of your bathroom tiles to the walls! By making it harder to distinguish where each area begins and ends, a continuous visual flow and an illusion of space are created.

All visualizations and images are by Baum Project

#02 Light Up

The best way to open a space up is through lighting! Bringing in natural light can immediately make a space look bigger. However, we may not always have the luxury of doing so in these tight spaces. But fret not! Introducing good task lighting into your space will do the trick.

We used vanity and under-cabinet lights in our designs to illuminate the space and set the mood of the space. A great tip would be to place your light source close to a mirror so that it reflects light into the space, making it look brighter and more spacious.

Designed and Executed by Baum Project

#03 Good Things Come In Pairs

They say that good things come in pairs. Depending on your bathroom space and budget, you could consider getting double vanities.

A double vanity’s greatest advantage is more personal space, which comes in handy especially if your toilet is shared with other family members. You no longer have to compete with one another on who gets to use the vanity first. It can also elevate your space to look more luxurious. Did you know that having a double vanity in your bathroom can also increase your home value?

Designed and Executed by Baum Project

#04 Up In The Air

Floating vanities are also a great way to make your bathroom look roomier. It frees up floor space and gives off a sense of lightness. This also allows more light to bounce off your bathroom floor, creating the illusion of spaciousness.

Having a wall-mounted vanity also makes cleaning more manageable than before with fewer nooks and crannies, and you no longer have to worry about ruining the bottom of your vanity when your bathroom floor gets wet.

All visualizations are by Baum Project


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