Landed (Yarwood)

28 October 2021


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Baum Homes

Having a previous client engage us again for their next home is always such a honour. We are currently now in the design stage with our previous client for their brand new 3 storey home in Yarwood Avenue. The current nature of the space is very interesting as the structure comes with high wooden ceilings and a good amount of space to play around with. We believe in having the same design language flow from the exterior to interior so we are also involved in the selection of the exterior finishes. Grab a coffee as we bring you along parts of this design journey! This is Part 1!

Cement Feature Wall

Instead of changing up all the walls in the house which is costly, we recommend choosing a prime place to have a feature wall. In the current building, this wall has 3 windows but we are suggesting to close it off so as to decorate that wall using concrete form liner. We recommend this for various reasons –  (1) It will be a plain wall internally while enables us to be able to design there freely (2) The feature wall can be admired from the interior and from the pool (3) Having a full feature wall totally transforms the feel of the home. The rest of the walls will just be exterior concrete finish paint.

3D Process

The 3D process is a tedious but rewarding journey. The layout dictates the visualization, which is why we constantly harp to our clients on how essential a layout is. We start our the process by building up the structure of the place first after that we think about how to do both space planning and how to beautify it with interior finishes. Once viewing the first version, we think about different colour tones. As can be seen, just a change in colour tone of the wood, changes up the whole mood.

Basement Final Design

As the carpark is located beside the basement, we decided to design a space that will not only leave a lasting impression on every guest who enters but to also get them in the mood for a good time as they pass by the wine and alcohol collection. We decided to design the basement with cool and modern elements that not only suits the design language of the house but is also tailored to the modern family who will be occupying this house.

Formal Dining Hall

As the owners are great hosts and lovers of great parties, we have planned a huge space for their dining area (2 rooms wide). One side for the formal dining area and the other for a more casual one. For the formal dining area, everything will be customized. We also specially selected a jade marble piece for the wall, almost like an art work. This will definitely be a conversation starter with all guests.

Customized Chairs and Dining Table

As the marble piece is the highlight of this space, we will be customizing chairs and a table to suit the marble’s design. The dining table, fit for 14 pax, will be made with the same marble piece and glass. The chairs will be customized and designed luxuriously with a beautiful green on the inside and grey velvet on the outside.

Casual Dining Area

The casual dining area on the other side will have another dining table. The dining table with their previous dining table that was specially chosen by us – a circular FENDI table. This will also be their dry kitchen area where guests can come to have some drinks first. A gorgeous Dekton shade was selected for them for their island table which extends to a 4 pax table for romantic dinners or small gatherings.

We also ensured the laminate for the cabinets extend to the wall on the right so as to hide the door to the wet kitchen. This assists in giving a seamless design.

All visualizations, layouts and elevations are by Baum Project


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