Explore a few of our past projects in both the residential and commercial sphere.
We hope maybe one day your space will be a part of our story!


Sue Oh
When Baum Project showed their design concept for both the Art Gallery and Café, we were very impressed by the colour concept and also at the unique design. Beyond the design, the whole team was very hands-on from the design to the execution itself. All we had to do is to give them the keys and they settled everything even items that were beyond their scope. Overall, we are very satisfied with the results as it is eye-catching, vibrant and bright. We have received many positive comments about the design since its opening.

Sue Oh, Founder of Hatch Art Gallery
E1 Corporation
It was a great joy working with the team as they were open-minded, professional and sweet. We strongly recommend all Korean companies who would like to open a branch in Singapore to engage Baum Project services as we really love Baum Project! They were well-versed in understanding the working culture of Korea, it made their design for our office tailored to our needs as a Korean office. Indeed we were very satisfied with the final design and execution! In addition, we were impressed that they finished the whole project within the tight schedule and they took time to understand, design, tailor and execute the design according to our business type and our wants. Once again, We love Baum Project!!

E1 Corporation
Richard Atelier – JEM
We worked together with Baum Project on the interior design of our outlets at Orchard Central & Jurong Jem. All I can say is that the concept they give is absolutely amazing. We immediately fell in love with the concept. In our second branch, Baum Project did an amazing job with the lighting and the placement of our products. It gave our shop a sophisticated and unique ambience. Customers were attracted to our interior of the shop. We were very impressed with the renovation, and the outcome was brilliant. We definitely recommend commercial businesses to look for Baum Project to have your space refurnished. The team will impress you with amazing concepts.

Richard Atelier – JEM
ROLL 101
We are started a business at Orchard Gateway. We came across Baum Project and we loved the concept they presented to us. Although it was simple, we loved it. In addition to the interior, they even helped us design our logo as well as our menu. Needless to mention, due to the unique design, it attracted attention and we have received many customers. We highly recommend Baum Project to those who are in the commercial businesses looking for an interior design firm.

ROLL 101
Mr Ong
For our house in East Coast, we went to different IDs but Baum Project’s concept caught our eye. The team put in tremendous effort in managing the workers during the renovation phase. It has been 1 and a half year since we have moved in, and we are still not getting tired of the designs. We are very proud of it. It was a pleasure working with the team, I strongly recommend Baum Project to renovate your new house!

Mr Ong, Resident at East Coast
Slyvia Sng
We like the clean line and simple design which exudes elegance and makes the place looks spacious. This is the second time we have used the services of the Baum team. The Baum team is engaging and provides good input.

Slyvia Sng, Resident at Fernvale
Mr Moon
When we decided to revamp the exterior and interior of our restaurant, we knew we had to engage the services of Baum Project due to the unique designs that come with their brand. They were quick to understand us and our business which helped them tailor a design that focused on attracting customers to the restaurant. I would also like to highlight that we are very impressed by the logo and signage that was designed and executed by the Baum Team! We highly recommend them!

Mr Moon, Founder of Chang Restaurant & Laventana
Mr Jihyun An
We thoroughly enjoyed the design and renovation process with Baum Project. They were quick and highly efficient throughout the whole time. They were exceptionally professional from the designs to the construction stage – all we had to do is just hand them the key to the office and they took charge of everything. We are super pleased with the fantastic final product of our office which has left a lasting impression on everyone who steps into the place. Baum Project is to the company to look for any office renovation!

Mr Jihyun An, Posco International Singapore
Jilly Wang
If I had to use a word to describe The Baum Team is fabulous. It is because me and my husband are very particular people but when The Baum Team showed us their plans, everything looked so perfect and detailed.

Detailed not only about the renovation and the materials they chose for us but also how they handle the post renovation work – the way they cleaned the site and the way they present the different materials to their client. Working with Baum Project was a very pleasant journey because they are not only professionals but they are also very detailed and will design your home perfectly.

Jilly Wang, Resident at Sunset Grove
We at Carliflex are extremely pleased with the final design that Baum Project has executed for us, with the team’s choices in regards to lighting being a unique feature of our workspace. The recessed lighting constructs a flow and coherence throughout the office that unifies each individual room to a single environment. The professional yet warm ambience created by the space is reflective of the team’s knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. We thank the Baum Team for all their hard work and efforts from start to finish. You will not regret working with them!

Ms Sowon
Baum Project had assisted us in renovating our living area, with particular attention to our TV cabinet. Not only did their quality of work exceed our expectations, but they also took special care to ensure that the construction was non-disruptive and minimised any potential hassle as we were still living there. We are appreciative that the Baum Team provided a peaceful co-existence as well as a beautiful house upgrade! It was a pleasure working with Baum Project!

Ms Sowon, Resident at Madison Residences