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Office Space
20 Anson Road
We believe that an office should be a second home - a place fit for business but also a place that people look forward coming to. We aim to create spaces that exudes professionalism and inspires anyone who walks into the office.

In this project, we played with organic shapes for the walls and carpet. We also made use of artificial plants and chose a terrazzo laminate for the planter box to give the office a distinctive look.

We designed the conference room door to be big, giving off a heavier and more luxury ambience. We crafted the door to be of the same wood laminate as the rest of the office for a more uniformed and seamless design. We fabricated a round handle using a fabric-like laminate with lines that cut through the door and glass as well for an interesting but yet grand feeling.
Design & Build
Within 1 and a half months
1800 Square Feet
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