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1 Fraser St
A home with a story. A simple but yet luxurious home for entertaining and living. We believe in timeless designs but more than that our vision is to create homes that are tailored to the individual. In the heart of Bugis, we have created a residential space that is both cozy but also fit for entertaining. The main highlight of this home is definitely the pair of artificial cacti that is displayed in the middle of the home – this helps to give the space a very unique vibe and also sets the ambience.

We also incorporated an indoor and outdoor bar which allows guests to get the best of both worlds while enjoying a drink. The laminate chosen is of a darker tone to allow the masculinity of the design to shine through.

We maximized the space in the home by ensuring that there is no dead space in the house and that ensuring that there is ample storage so that the home will not be cluttered with items and can be hidden. Each area was smartly designed to birth a home fit for the modern man.
Design & Build
3 Bedrooms
Within 4 Months
1700 Square Feet
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