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Office Space
380 Jalan Besar, ARC 380
Looking to create a modern and inspiring office? We are just the people to help you achieve this. In this project, we created a sleek and minimal space that promotes productivity and spurs ideation! Create a spacious office by changing up traditional walls into glass. Add a little contemporary flair to it by switching normal stainless steel u-channels to black ones and you get yourself a beautiful modern office!

Smartly playing with the colour black by using different materials and textures in an office will greatly assist your journey in achieving a modern and contemporary style.

For this space we not only played with black u-channels but we also used long sleek black handles for the glass doors (all the way from Korea!). We also ensured that the signs on each room was made by black 3D acrylic!
Design & Build
Within 1 Month
1200 Square Feet
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