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A home with a story. A simple but yet luxurious home for entertaining and living. We believe in timeless designs but more than that our vision is to create homes that are tailored to the individual. The main highlight when you enter the house has got to be the beautiful blue space - a fabulous blue textured painted wall with matching blue furniture and paired with a magnificent ocean-like rug. What a gorgeous area to relax and host guests.

We decided also to have a beautiful dining area with a round gorgeous Fendi table and round beautiful gold pendant lights to tie everything together. The dry kitchen was designed in a way to display beautiful bottles of alcohol and an island table for everyday use.

In life, we spend most of our time in the bedroom, hence we decided to transform the couple’s master bedroom into a little sanctuary. We customized the head rest using fabric that was specially chosen for them. We also decided to make use of a gorgeous gold laminate to break up the cushions too. Bedside tables with lovely design lights were also installed to spice the room up. In the second picture, you can see our customized folding door to seperate the room and study.
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Within 5 Months
7200 Square Feet
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